Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North to Alaska

I wasn't suppose to be here.  It wasn't my trip.  But I am here and so very thankful to be here.  This was the trip my wonderful Uncle Brownie wanted to take my Auntie on.  He didn't get the chance.  I will do my best to see that she has a wonderful time and great memories of Alaska.  So with that said...
Auntie, Mom and I are off to Alaska!  Day 1....
These are the notes I wrote in my journal to help me remember.
Captains Log day 1,
Boarded easy peasy!  Wheelchairs rock!  Auntie is not steady on her feet so she booked a wheelchair.  It truly made a huge difference in us being able to board easily. 
There was a dance party on the deck with Sponge Bob and Dora and Patrick.  It was really sweet. As we got under way we made our way to the front of the ship.  It was a beautiful day to set sail!  We could see the mountain and it was sunny and just beautiful. It was very windy standing/sitting out there.  Mom and Auntie were wearing dresses.  Auntie had reached out and grabbed a handful of mom's dress to keep it from blowing up.  I said to mom, Not a good day to go without underwear is it!?!?!  Auntie said LOUDER, Shouldn't have gone commando huh?  The man next to her was just about busting a gut trying not to laugh.  Mom was not amused!  LOL
 Just before we went in to find dinner we saw orca's! After dinner we explored all over deck 7.  Inside and out.  Then we went back to our room to unpack and get organized.  6 big bags in a teeny tiny room!  Interesting to say the least.  We got it all done.  Our room was 11016. 
Lovely, lovely day!
Us in our room.

Dance party

Auntie soaking up some rays.

Mom trying to decide if she should go join the line dancing.  She didn't.

Deck 7 outside.

Day one in the books. 

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  1. I am gonna LOVE reading all about your trip! Love it! Already cracking up! I'm glad you were able to go and be with Auntie on a big to do trip that needed to be done. What better people to go with....well I could have gone and that would have been ....well EPIC! ;)