Saturday, July 6, 2013

I thought I might be getting better at this...

I have so many posts composed in my head but they just don't seem to translate well to the computer.  I will just keep plugging away. 
It is Summer and we are really having nice weather now.  It usually doesn't start until after the 4th of July but it really showed up nice this year.  Some days it's been actually really hot.  Then for a few days we had some rain.  I am trying to stay dedicated to walking every day. This week has sucked could have been better! I will not give up I will do this! That is almost a daily mantra.
On one of our less then sunny days I asked Bugs if he would still go with me.  He was willing.  This is what we looked like when we got home. 
I really AM a fair weather walker.  This did not amuse me. 
One day there was just some great cloud moving all around and Dh got my camera and just started clicking. 
I liked this one.
A few day were just so hot.  So Dh went to find a pool.  We can't have any kind of blow up one because Walker LOVES the water and would totally thrash it with his claws.  I would like a big pool but Dh would hate it!  When the big boys were younger we had a 3 foot one but it got broken one year and we just never replaced it.  So....
Monkey lounging at the poolside.

The Grand's playing in the water.


Our bouncing baby bundle of joy turned NINE!  He had a great day!
I could post 8 million pictures from the 4th of the July.  I won't bore everyone to tears.

Our neighbors who helped us celebrate. 
I hope you had a great day too.  The song Let Freedom Ring ran though my head on loop all day long!  I just wanted to grab a mic somewhere and sing it LOUD!  Some days you just have to sing!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I want to do one of those wish lanterns. I think they are cool. Katie and I went into AWH and sat by the park and had an awesome display.

  2. Just a blow up kind of fun day! Happy birthday Monkey! Can't believe you are 9 already, time sure went fast! Those wish lanterns look really cool! I have a friend who she and her family sent of about 50 or so, people could see them all over town for hours, how cool!

    As for walking every day...I got your back friend! You have come so far and are such an inspiration! Thank you!