Friday, August 16, 2013

North to Alaska Day 3

Captains Log Day 3
The day started very early with mom getting up to pee at about 4:30 AM and pulling back the curtains and letting in the VERY BRIGHT morning sun.  VERY BRIGHT.
I dozed off and on until about 6:30 and got up and got the morning going.  Mom and I went to breakfast and Auntie had hers in the room. We headed out right on time.  We checked out a store before heading to our tour spot. WE were on time, however other's were not and they waited for them.  It was a tad irritating because it effected our time later.  TICKED US OFF!
40 minutes was a lot of time of ours to waste folks! We didn't even get to shop at the sanctuary store afterwards because of it.  Not impressed with that part.
Our tour guide was a young man named JJ.  He talked about how he could not wait to leave Alaska.  He was a cute kid. 
Mom and Auntie and the Jewel!

We were warned about what we would do if we saw them.  NO gum, snacks, drinks besides water, NOTHING.  Guess who had gum in her mouth the whole time? 
Sapsucker's marks on a tree.
Bear claw marks on a training tree


There was lots of salmon running in this creek.

Bear paths in the estuary.

I just KNOW there was one back there watching us.

Bear prints.  They are there.  We just didn't see them.  It was a very warm day.  The guide said it was just to warm out at the time of day we were there.

An Alaskan Pygmy Mountain Lion


A young Bald Eagle

The very funny reindeer.

The midnight sun. Actually it was about 10 PM.
After our tour of the rain forest and the estuary we walked around town a little bit and did some shopping. Ketchikan really is a cute little town.
After we got back to the ship we had lunch and rested a bit.  We then went and checked our pictures that we had had taken so far.  Boy oh boy I need better spanx.  lol  I will cherish this time so much so I will just take the pictures as is, it is how I look. 
We saw orca's off the side of the ship again.  TWICE!
I was leaning against the side of the railing and it had wet paint on it.  I was just so upset, it was my new hoodie from my anniversary.  They acted so fast and took it and got the paint out.  I was so appreciative.  They were so good to us.
We had a lovely relaxing dinner.  Then Auntie and I went to see the show, it was a comedian Michael Summerville.  He was funny! It really was a wonderful day.  It was a great first day in Alaska.  It is so beautiful.  I am a bit surprised at how beautiful it really is here.
I know I'm using the word beautiful a lot but there just isn't a word that I have found that works as well.  Have a great day!


  1. I know there is a bear in those woods!

  2. Just a nose peeking out would have been wonderful.

  3. Bahahahahaha! An pygmy mountain lion!!

    Can't believe you had to actually wait on people! What was their excuse and did they bother to apologize??? Oh I would be steaming...I'd be forced to say something! Glad you had a good time though!