Wednesday, August 28, 2013

North to Alaska Day 4

Captains Log, Day 4
Welcome to Juneau Alaska!
We were up bright and early and off on with our day.  We did not have one second to waste today.
The day could not have been more perfect!  Well, one small thing.  More on that in a bit.
Our excursion for today was a Whale watching tour. We saw Orcas, Humpbacks, Seals and Eagles.  It was truly a beautiful day.  My mom was asked some funny questions by some people from India.  Good thing my mom is a good sport because I'm not sure I would have been so accommodating.  She was asked if her teeth were hers.  She said Uh, yes.  I bought them.  They got the joke.  It was awkward but funny afterwards.  We spent some time talking to them.  They had questions for my mom about her farm and such.  My Gracious mom just answered all the questions and some were personal, about money and such.  It was nice talking to them.  The only sour note was because of the length of our excursion and the short time our ship was in port, we had NONE, ZIP, NADA time in Juneau to look around or shop.  THE HORROR!  That was a little frustrating because Mom and I needed a magnet from there and I also would have got a shirt of some kind with Juneau on it.  Oh well.  First world problems eh?  Juneau is the capitol of Alaska but as we were driving through to our boat we saw no capital building. We thought that was strange.
Then when we were leaving port we were going up to the Sawyer Glacier.  OH as we were leaving there were people swimming in the sound.  SWIMMING IN ocean water in Alaska. NUTJOBS! 
Going up to the Glacier was just beautiful!  We were hoping to see a bear or moose along the shore but no such luck.  So many waterfalls and just beautiful county.  It was amazing how the captain maneuvered that ship  around in that narrow space.  It was really beautiful.  AND cold!  On our way up there after lunch we went back to our room to hang out and get on some warmer clothes to go out on the forward deck to see everything, Mom all of a sudden yelled ICEBERG!  We thought she was either being funny or crazy.  She was neither!  There was an iceberg.  We saw lots of ice floating.  That was a bit disconcerting.  I thought if they play the theme from Titanic I'm taking my coat and sitting in a lifeboat!  Any way the glacier was amazing and just beautiful to see.
On to a buttload of pictures!  These are a fraction of what I took and it does not do it justice.
Eagle as we got off the ship on our way to our tour.

Orca's!  Do you see the baby in the middle?

The Humpbacks.  They stayed and played for a long time!  They are very vocal.  I didn't know that. They were so pretty.

He did this several times!

I think he was showing off at this point because everyone cheered when he did it.

I think there was 5 whales in this pod.

Our Eagle on the ice.  Just floating by...

Me on the whale watching tour.

Auntie on the whale boat.

The seals.  I still want to know how that one got up in the rafters of that thing.  The one closest to us kept falling off.

On our way up Glacier bay and we started seeing lots of this.

Sawyer Glacier.  AMAZING!

I was a girl scout, I was READY for anything!  My mom is in the background.  We had several people around us giggling.

My precious Auntie and my lovely Mama.  Sawyer Glacier.  Aren't  they just cute!

Me and my mama.

This is in the elevator headed back to our room.  We were frozen and so windblown.  It really was a red letter day.  Just amazing.


  1. You need to tell me when you post or put it on FB or no one will read it and then I'll cry and then we will both be sad!!!!!

  2. LOL! Did you find the Blue Diamond!?!? You are so funny! Made me laugh!

    How awesome is it that you saw Whales? That's on my bucket list, to see a humpback whale or even an Orca for heaven's sakes!

    Love reading your posts...keep them coming!