Wednesday, September 25, 2013

North to Alaska Day 5

I am bound and determined to do the whole cruise before I write about anything else.  AND we have been doing exciting stuff!  Ok... so the details.
Captains Log Day 5
Welcome to Skagway.
The weather has just been wonderful here in Alaska. 
We docked on the outside so we couldn't see anything from our room.  When we got off the ship it was a darling town.  Our excursion until after lunch.  So we went into town to shop!  We also had a letter box to find.  This was the only one where we really had time to look.  We shopped all we wanted to and then headed back to the ship to drop off our purchases and to grab lunch then head to our train ride.  We were going up to the Yukon. The train was so much fun.  We had a great tour guide.  Her name was Elle.  She did a really good job. Alaska is so beautiful.  The train ride was just what I thought Alaska would look like. I thought the train would turn around but nope.  You just flipped the back of the seat over and it went back the way it came.  We had a good laugh over that one.  I could post every picture I took that day and it still wouldn't show you how beautiful it was.  So... on with the good parts.
Mom and Auntie as we got off the Jewel.

Welcome to Skagway.

One of a town full of interesting buildings.

Hidden letterbox

Leaving my mark in Alaska

Us on the train.  Sounds like a movie title doesn't it?

Headed up to the Yukon looking back to the ships in the harbor.

Our Little Engine that Could.

A glacier but I cannot remember for the life of me the name of it.

One of the stations on the way up.

The OLD bridge.  I'm glad we didn't go over that one.

You can still see the trail that so many people and animals walked to get up to the Yukon. 

At the very top! 
It was so much fun.  We laughed and enjoyed the day so much.
The only thing I wanted to do and didn't get to was there was a Gold Rush cemetery and I think we would have enjoyed wondering through there but we would have had to take a taxi and there just really wasn't time to go wonder like that.  We did go by it on the train though. 
When we got back to the ship it was Chocolate Night.  Mom and I were clueless as to what that meant.  Well it means it's all chocolate all the time!  LOL  So many different things.  I enjoyed the choc. covered strawberries the best.
Such a great day!


  1. Yeah for CHOO CHOOS .. That was one of the best days.. or was it? hmmmmmm every day was.

  2. Not my favorite day which was whale watching but it was a wonderful trip up/back. I wouldn't want to pick a favorite other than day 4. Loved every minute.

  3. OK...PLEASE tell me you tried the Reindeer sausage!!! I didn't know you found a letterbox to find there! How fantastic!