Friday, September 27, 2013

North to Alaska Day 6

Captains Log
Day 6
Thursday at Sea
We slept in!  It was wonderful! It was only about 50' all day. The sun did shine  a few times but it wasn't warm. It was a very relaxing day.  We had breakfast.  Then a little rest for Auntie.  While she was resting Mom and I took the elevator down as far as we were allowed and walked each floor then walked up the stairs and did the next floor.  All the way to the top.  It was good exercise.  It also made me VERY grateful for our outside way high up room!  Some of the inside rooms look a little small and dark.
While Mom and Auntie were at lunch I went and watched the crew talent show. It was good.  Some of it was so funny I was laughing until I cried.  Then I went and had lunch. We all meet in our room later.  Our safe would not open or shut or reset.  We had to call maintenance.  It  was the battery that need replaced.  At first they just smacked it.  If that would have worked I would have been ticked.  LOL  We got all dressed up for dinner.  We have now been to all the restaurants.  After dinner we went and had our pictures made. We also had to do the last run around in the gift shop.  After this it won't be open again. Then mom and I went to the show of the night.  Cirque Bijou.  It was very fun!  People flying and doing crazy things way out over the audience. Auntie started sorting and organizing to start packing.  Tomorrow is a late Port Call in Victoria BC. 
Auntie and Baby TS.  Wake up Sleepy Head

A Q and A with the Captain's.

An act with drinks.

The crew.  The fountain.  HYSTERICAL!

Looking into the drivers seat. Notice no one is there...

There is someone in there!

Awards the Jewel has won.

THERE he is! 

Mom and Auntie


Auntie and me

Mom and me. 


  1. Sounds like you saw a lot of the boat this day, Seeing all the floors would make me think of Titanic...sounds very cool though!