Sunday, September 29, 2013

North to Alaska Day 7

Captains Log
Day 7
Welcome to Victoria. BC
Today was a very late lazy start to our day.
We went to breakfast then mom and I sorted and packed up our stuff.  It's amazing how spread out you can get even in the tiniest of rooms. 
Then we had lunch and came back and finished up.  We then docked and headed on our tour of Victoria.  We sort of got off to a rough start. People are either tired or less kind/patient in BC.
We went to Butchart Gardens. I could post every picture that the 3 of us took and it would not convey how beautiful the were.  We most certainly did not have enough time there. 
On the drive back to the ship we went through China town.  There was a car show going on around the Parliament buildings and the downtown area.  I must go back to Victoria.  It was so pretty and I really needed more time there. 
I was so disappointed because I went to all the trouble to get my passport and NO ONE in Canada put a stamp in it!  It barely got looked at!  When we got back to the ship I fed the gulls some crackers from our balcony. I threw them up in the air and the gulls would catch them.  They were good at it!
After we went to dinner we finished up or packing and setting our bags out in the hall for pick up.  
Our ship in Victoria.


I loved this place. 

So many beautiful flowers.  Of all kinds!

My favorite ladies!

Me.  I love this picture of me.

Downtown Victoria

When we wake up in the morning we will be back in Seattle.  Ray and Rita are picking us back up and taking us home.  Dad is at my house already to get my mom and Auntie flies out tomorrow.  I am so sad this all ending.  It really has been the trip of a lifetime.  I never expected to ever go on cruise.
I hope I get to go on another one some day but if I don't I will at least have done this one.  It was amazing!  Every moment. 


  1. We were cheated on the flowers! It was a lovely city!

  2. I LOVE the picture of you in the garden TOO! I have heard many good things of those gardens! I think I would love to go too, see ALL those flowers...get me all giddy! I'm so very glad you had this opportunity to take this trip with your mom and Auntie! Memories!