Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The wayward bunny.

Eli the mail sorter.

Part of the applesauce.

Helper Rescue Rita.

Helper Anita and Eli.

Today was a busy day. I went to work and when I was finishing up I happened to look out at my van and I saw something under it. I went out and looked closer then came back in to get my camera. There was a bunny sitting under my van. I called my client and asked if it was a local friend or what and it is an escapee from the neighbor but she has hooked up with a wild bunny and they can't catch her. So I finished up my job and came home. Anita and Eli and Rescue Rita were coming to do apple's with me. Anita needed some help because she has never canned before and Rita helps because she is an angel. We did 3 batches tonight and Anita took 2 of them, I have some more apples that I will either make pie filling with or just slice and freeze. It's very late and I'm very non committal.


  1. A Bunny called applesauce~ You did good!

  2. Well, I will try again. Applesauce is a good name for the bunny. LOL Can you freeze applesauce (not the bunny)

  3. Grandma Lea, you can freeze rabbit too.