Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today was a lazy kind of Sunday. Bugs went to his buddy's that moved up to Lake Steven's and they miss each other terribly. Skater dude and T2 both went to the river with friends. So as our house was heating up we decided to take hot dogs and go roast them on the beach at Kayak Point. Monkey had so much fun. He is fearless in the water. So we tied his float with 50' of rope and he just floats and plays. Rescue Rita had called and asked what we were up to and when I told her she made the "oh I want to go too noise" so I called her when we were headed out and said we are having dogs and chips, if you want something else bring it. She brought some salad's and beans to share and we had a lovely dinner! T2 and a friend came by for a hot dog on their way back into town.
Bolt tried to drink the water and then he was trying to spit it back out just as fast. It was funny but you would have had to have been there. He wasn't fond of the salt water.

Monkey just walked straight into the water. He is fearless in the water this year.
Christy talking to Gladys
Looking for shells
T2 starting the fire

Rescue Rita's Christina and Monkey

Monkey in the sunset.


Chatting around the fire

My beautiful friend Rescue Rita.

Gladys and her s'more


  1. What out for the Sneaker Waves! Gladys really looks like she's having a good time and enjoying her Smore.

  2. You were much cooler than us although Katie had left the cooler on for us. Looked fun