Saturday, August 1, 2009


My mom, her Uncle George and Cousin Eloise.
We had a family gathering today in Puyallup. I knew almost no one so I didn't take pictures but I knew my auntie would want this one and it's the only one I took. I know my mom has more. It was a good time. Everyone brought food to share and we sat in the front yard of my great Uncle's house under his HUGE walnut tree. There was several dogs - Bolt and Scout included and there was not one cross word among them. I should have taken pictures of the dogs they were cute. I just didn't know who was who and it didn't come to mind until mom and Eloise were standing for their picture. Hopefully mom will get what she wants of them. My great Uncle is 93 and the last of his generation. He is still active and does what he wants. He goes up to his lake cabin at least once a week to cut wood for the winter. I guess they caught him on the roof not long ago fixing something. He almost gave everyone a stroke! Uncle George seemed pleased to see everyone. I'm glad we went. Probably should have taken pictures but I still wouldn't know who was who and I have boxes of pictures that I have those issues with. lol I hope you had a wonderful day.


  1. You took the only picture I really wanted :) thank you!

  2. I'm sure you were fine, you'd have to go thru them later so why do that, sides if you mom ends up printing them off, you'll have to go through them later. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday!