Tuesday, August 25, 2009


  • We found out baby Joel is REALLY a baby Joel! EXCITING
  • Dh took his mom home. He came home on Sunday night late.
  • Sat. night Rescue Rita came with a movie and we had a home movie night. It was Doubt. I'm still not sure about that movie. I think he didn't do it but Rita thinks he did. Your call.
  • Heir Apparent and girlfriend and Roommate came for dinner on Sunday. It was a very nice day.
  • Anita and her boys were here for the afternoon and dinner too and it was wonderful. I can almost convince myself she lives closer then she does!
  • Sunday before everyone came, The Little's and I went to Boeing's family day with a single mom friend and saw how they build plane's. It really was interesting. We were in the biggest building in the world. I am pretty sure we walked a million miles.
  • Monday everyone went to work.
  • Monkey is sick. He has bronchitis and is on medicine. It sounds like his lung is coming out when he coughs. Hopefully tomorrow is the turn around day.
  • I made Rhubarb bread today for the first time. It's very good!

I hope you have a blessed week.



  1. sounds like an interesting week. When will they judge you pictures?

  2. I can't wait to make the bread! You beat me to it! Thanks for letting us come over for family dinner!