Friday, January 1, 2010

31 Day Challenge - Wide

1. a. having a great extent:vast b. extending over a vast area.
2. a. having a specified extension from side to side b. fully opened
synonyms - broad

My first thought was to take a picture of my very WIDE butt, but I didn't think we needed to start the year off that way so.......
I took a walk with Scout today and saw many things but nothing was coming to me that I could photo but the ocean just wouldn't leave my mind. So this is not a picture from today, but I took this picture so I'm using it. :)


  1. Love it Nikki. Mine is off a wide butt but not mine (or yours) although that sounded funny to me. Go to Mustang Saga and see Andreas. Two donkeys standing end to end.

  2. Sharon, you would! It actually might be the perfect way to start the year. lol