Saturday, January 2, 2010

31 Day Challenge - "M"

Mess! Thats my M word.

Dh and I took down the tree today. T2 and Skater Dude left for Spokane to bug DIL into having Baby Joel. LOL They are hopeful she has him while they are there. I will go as soon as they call. We are so very excited.

Today my Skater Dude turned 19. I can't believe it. 19! He's a wonderful boy and a joy to have in our family.

Heir apparent came by on his way to get a haircut. He hasn't had hair this long since he was a little boy. He just wanted to see how long he could stand it. Today was it.

And now........

He's so handsome.



  1. Loved your M word. I was not near as original. Andreas were nice too. Love Dustins new do. Tomorrows word is TECHNOLOGY.

  2. Now our Dustin is back :) He does have pretty hair thouh! My house is a mess without a tree.

  3. I missed this post! I have to say that having a fake tree has it's perks.