Monday, January 11, 2010

Meeting Nathaniel

Here is a rough over view of the weekend.
The Littles and I took off Thursday morning. There was no snow or ice on the road and we made good time. We went right to Drummer's apt. so we could meet the baby. Oh he is so precious. He is so tiny. I got there just as Drummer had to leave for work so he handed him to me then headed out the door. I'm sorry he was rushed but glad to see him before he took off. I smelled Nathaniel's neck and his milky baby breath and it was heavenly! We spent several hours all taking turns holding him and loving him. Princess was so happy to have her uncles there! She is smitten with them. They love her and will play whatever she says. We headed out to the farm and talked and then it was bed time. I was having a really hard time going to sleep. Mom's dog barked and I went out and when dad came out of their room I said I think I heard someone/thing out there. He said No, it was probably just the newspaper being delivered. OK.. and off we went back to bed. Now it's about 3:30 and I hear "something" again that sounds suspiciously like horses running. THEN the dogs start barking AGAIN! As I am headed out to tell dad I think they have horses out, he yells, We have horses out! So on go some clothes and my shoes and coat and out we go. Dad has figured out they are now on the backside of the barn. Mom and I have to stand in the alley so they go back into their pen as they are wild and won't be caught on the loose like that. They went in with no problems. Mom had left the gate open and they had been out for a while. Oooops. We went back to bed and I finally went to sleep.
Friday we got up and meandered our way into town. We went by my brothers and then made our way to see the baby again. Mom came with us. My sister met us back at the farm with her kids and we had pizza and a great visit. Her kids are getting so big. It's not right. Baby Nikki is now 16! YIKES.
Saturday I had plans to meet a friend from Jr. high and high school. OH it was so fun! We talked for 4 hours! It was really good to see her and to reconnect and to hear about her life. It was really nice. The Littles were staying with my brother so I went and picked up Tinkerbell and we went and visited Princess and the baby and her parents. :) They love each other and love to play. Tink was totally smitten with Nathaniel. If you ask her what he said to her she makes a pretend baby cry. It's really cute. I had her for a few hours. Princess really cried when we left. She wanted to come with us. Then I took Tink home and headed out to the farm and spent the rest of the evening with my parents.
Sunday I had to go into town to get The Littles and then we went by to say good bye to Drummer and family. Princess REALLY cried and wanted to go with us. Broke my heart! I miss them so much. Then we went back out to the farm and gathered our things and headed home. Back to life as normal.
The baby is beyond precious and Princess gets cuter every time I see her. I am so glad I went. I can't wait to see them all again.
I hope you have a blessed week.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to go and see your grandbabies! All I can say is Cowgirl up!