Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I picked up my computer today. I am reloading all my software. It's such a pain. It wasn't the motherboard or the hard drive, it seemed to be a software problem. I just want the thing to work and work right.
The sign at this farm said Buffalo. My dad says they are Yak's. I just think he had a very interesting face. This was on my our trip a week ago. We had so much fun. It's a good thing I don't have money or a farm. I would have had a lot of horses. There was about 10 that really stood out to me. Not that I have a good eye or anything but they had my attention.

I had to make jam today. I just made a double batch of mixed berry. I have more to do tomorrow. I thought I had more lids and I am out.
Has anyone ever had a kid that loved to hide and was so quiet at it that is scared the tar out of you? More then once? Monkey is so good at this game only we aren't playing! He has scared us several times. Bugger!
I hope you have a good Wed.


  1. LOL Isaac cracks me up!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Isaac. He is a one of a kind. That Yak was cute. I am glad we stopped. Sage should be here next week.