Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spokane part 1

I took a whole LOT of pictures while we were gone. I think I'll just do the highlights in a few posts. I'm sure you don't need/want/have any need to see them all. :)

Bugs will always find a way to read. These are "night vision" goggles he got for Christmas. He uses them to read in the dark.

Showing me how they work.

Watching a movie. They never fell asleep.

Nathaniel AKA Buster.

Papa chatting with the boy

Papa and Princess and Buster

Buster with his dimples!

My Mother in law and her great grandson. The first time she saw him.

MIL with some of her grands and greats

He is such a happy baby and he did this look all the time!

Princess. She is changing so fast.

Uncle and Niece

Great Auntie Chrissy
Papa and granddaughter Tinkerbell. We had her for the day. He was so excited to have all 3 of his grandkids together. Princess would not sit with them for a picture.

Me and Buster. Such a snugly boy.


  1. OH SNUGGLE OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I'm glad someone got a picture of you and Buster! I love Buster's smile!