Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wine or Whine.......

We haven't had any of the snow that was predicted. I hope it stays that way. I have things blooming all over my yard. It sure was cold this morning though. I am not sorry we haven't had a snowy Winter and I would appreciate it if it didn't start now. BUT when Dh and I celebrated our 25Th anniversary with a small trip up the coast, when we came home the middle of April we had a terrible snow storm here when we were driving home. So it has happened. Nothing life altering no matter what.
I am so tired of cooking for picky people, short and tall! It is hard to cook for a large family when EVERY doggone day you have to think who doesn't like this, who doesn't like that. NUTS! SO I have decided I am only cooking for Dh. He LOVES my cooking. If someone doesn't like WHATEVER it is I'm cooking, they can eat something else from the menu of the night or go hungry. Take tonight for example. I made stroganoff with salad and french bread. Both Littles said No thanks to the meat, which I knew. Monkey had pasta (with catsup - GAG) and salad and bread and yogurt. Bugs pitched a hissy fit and was ugly but then sat at the table and ate about 3 noodles, a tablespoon of salad and bread and yogurt. T2 is sleeping and Skater boy will not eat nothing. Sigh. I'm just tired of it. I know it's because my kids have never truly gone hungry, which I am SO thankful for! SO THANKFUL. But I wish they understood how hard it is to make a good nutritious meal for more then one person. LOL I am not sure they would care at this point though. Maybe when they are grown up. I want to wear a sign that says I am not a short order cook.
OK enough of that rant. Just needed to vent it out. Sigh.
I hope your day was wonderful and you have a great Wednesday.

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  1. I am sorry it's so tough for you to cook dinner! I wish your babies would quit being such pills to you! Just cook what you and DH want to eat and leave the rest up to the kids...