Monday, March 29, 2010


Bugs has had a friend since birth. NW is May to Sept. older then Bugs. We used to all go to church together then they moved away. They moved back to the area and the boys STILL love to hang out. NW has the same unbridled joy about critters as Bugs does. Sicko's! Yesterday NW came over and spent the day with us. They were REALLY wanting to go hunting but we are having bipolar weather so it was going to be hit and miss at best.
They finally got to go to the pond and they found some things but not the PRIZE. So I told Bugs to go dig under the leaf pile that was still on the flower bed and they hit the MOTHER LOAD!
2 salamanders and a frog! They had fun playing with them. We took NW to dinner with us for T2's dinner and then came and got the critters and took him home. He got to have the sally's and the frog and a huge bucket of frog eggs to take to his house. I wish you could have seen his mother's VERY excited face - NOT - at the prospect of them at HER house. I told her our rule is to keep the critter's over night and then let them go the next day. She thought that was a wonderful idea! LOL I'll leave that up to them. Bug's had a really hard time letting them go with him. He's not used to sharing his critter's with anyone. They had so much fun though.

Bug's talking with his buddy.

NW and his catch.

Buddy's with their friends.

NW is excited about the salamanders. I REALLY wish I had gotten his mother's face.

The boys at dinner.



  1. What a wonderful life! I am so happy for you all . . . peace

  2. Would have PAID money to see the look on NW momma's face!