Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fishing and a mini date

Dh and The Littles have needed some play time. So on Saturday he took them fishing. They caught some some fish and Bugs got some frogs and critters.

Dh is terrified of the water, our kids always have to have life jackets on until they are old enough to really pitch a fit about it. The Littles don't mind yet. It makes daddy happy so it's not a big deal.
On Friday Heir apparent had to fly out to Vegas. Please note the HAD to. Anyway, Monkey and I took him up to the little airport North of us. It is such a cute airport. He had to walk out to the plane and walk up the stairs to it. Monkey and I had a long drive back so we decided we needed to stop for an early dinner. He wanted McD's. I begged and pleaded and he changed his mind. We went to Red Robin. We had such a good time just him and me. He is going to go to full time school this year and I'm not sure either of us are ready.

Summer is back again and it's hot hot hot. While the guys were fishing I stayed home in the quiet. I took a nap and did a whole bunch of nothing. I loved it.

My weather bug, see it's hot!

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  1. Thank goodness someone out there is eating something else other than the Arches! And it's HOT!