Thursday, August 12, 2010

The only rain in forever!

My Aunt and Uncle have been on a whirlwind trip this past 2 weeks. One of their stops was a fast 2 days with us. It could have been 2 weeks and it wouldn't have been enough. My aunt is from here so we really didn't need to go sight seeing but I wanted to do SOMETHING fun. So there was a community yard sale in the next town. It has not rained for WEEKS! It rained/spit and poured on Saturday. Wouldn't you know it! So the yard sale stuff was mostly a bust. We went later in the day and it was raining, but we had fun looking at houses anyway.

We wanted to ask if we could walk through this yard.

After the yard sale we took them out to Kayak point. It is always a good day to be at the saltwater! It was only sprinkling/spitting but raining nonetheless.



Dh and Uncle - this is what we did most of the weekend, just talking talking talking.
On Sunday we went out to Snohomish to look through antique stores. Then we went to lunch, this is Auntie headed to the car.

Then they had to leave on Monday. Some of my guys with Auntie and Uncle.

It was a good visit, but not nearly long enough. Bugs didn't quite believe that they flew here and he really didn't understand why he couldn't go home with them for a week then have me pick him up. We do it with Grandma/Grandpa! Bless his little self. He had a huge meltdown after they left. It's tough being almost 12 you know!


  1. I know it's just me but I don't get why your kids go in the water while it's raining! It's me I know! I love the running theme of red in the photo with Auntie and the boys! I wish they could have stayed longer so you guys could have tons of time to visit and a little better weather!

  2. Not long enough here either. Makes me soooo sad.