Monday, August 16, 2010

When brothers communicate

Today was a very funny day. I went to work, did my thing..... knelt on my knee for the first time scrubbing floors, it was a bit to soon. It was very warm again today so I was very keen on getting home and getting into less clothes and cooling off. I loaded the dishwasher and started a load of laundry and sat on the couch in front of the fan. My phone rings. It's T2. He sounds VERY agitated and upset. What are you doing Mom? Uhhhhhhhh sitting here relaxing before I go to Curves. T2 - WELL! Heir Apparent asked me to get him at the airport today. Me - yes I know. T2 - WELL! I am AT the airport and when I called Heir to let him know HE INFORMED ME I AM AT THE WRONG AIRPORT!!!!!! Can you please go get him? Me- trying VERY hard to not laugh hysterically - Uhhh yes. T2 - because I'm going to be stuck in this traffic for hours NOW!!! We live between 2 airports, one major and then the one I took Heir to on Friday. We are just about halfway between both. So, it was an honest mistake but wouldn't you think they would give that information to each other? So I called Heir and said I was on my way. He looked into renting a car to come home, it was way to much money. Then he found out they actually have a shuttle that comes South but by the time he could catch it I would be almost there so it was fine. I got a Sonic drink out of the deal. Oh these boys of mine crack me up!


  1. Oh be careful with your knee would you!?! And I think you should have gotten a whole meal out of the deal...but a drink is better than nothing! And I have to say that's hysterical...only those guys! Love them but I'm shaking my head!

  2. MOM to the rescue.. Hope Dustin had a good time