Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day

The news had been saying SNOW is coming! I guess it started about 4 this morning. This is what was on the ground when they CANCELLED school. We live in the weirdest area! I went back to bed for a while. I got some things done throughout the day that I hadn't accomplished this weekend.

Then by noonish it was all mostly gone. I was so upset about the school closure. We already have days to make up. I had made chili in the crock pot when I got up. I went to make cornbread and found out I was out of cornmeal. So I had to do a store run. When I went into the store it was dry and clear. I went in for ONE thing and when I came out 5 minutes later it was a white out! My car was COVERED. I had to scrape window's so I could leave. It was crazy.

This was about 20 minutes after it started snowing again!

Walker playing in the snow then he came in the house and has been trying to be carpet colored ever since.

Bugs got a butterfly kit/house for Christmas. We ordered his caterpillars and they have arrived. They have started doing their "thing". When they are all hanging from the top of the container then you take the paper thingy out and hang it in the butterfly net house. Bugs took these pictures for you.

One is hanging from the top but hasn't started it's cocoon yet.

This one hasn't started up yet. I will keep you posted.
I hope your week is going well!

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  1. My boys always want those things! I think they do them at school...well last year anyway. I think you guys have the same amount of snow we have/did. It didn't start doing anything here until sometime after 2pm...