Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up

Wednesday I was cleaning and I kept hearing this plane very close then all of a sudden the motor would stop. Then it would ROAR to life again. It was VERY unnerving! I thought do I grab Twin Mama out of the office and make a run for it or what? It was someone doing stunts over the house! It was CRAZY. He was doing all sorts of turns and rolls but it was the turning the engine off that was unnerving.

Heading down to earth!

It was so cold the other morning Scout came in from her morning duties and laid as close to the heater as she could! Poor girly.

Thursdays Hummer.
Dinner today was wonderful. DIL has asked for a pot roast. I fixed potatoes and carrots with it and Heather brought the salad and dessert. It was all so good!

T2, DIL, Heir laughing his head off, Monkey. We sat here for about an hour after dinner just talking. I love it.

Heir, Monkey, Roommate. I love to cook for that kid! I wonder if he was as good of eater as a kid as he is now.


Buster trying to use his fork. He actually did OK. Now he just needs to walk!

Heir telling us a story.

Heir and Princess. He has waited 4 years for her to go to him willingly. Today was his day!

During church this morning Princess told Papa she wanted and ice cream cone. He told her if she came home in our car he would get her one. She said no. So he went to the store today and said after dinner he was ready! She LOVED it!

Every time you touch his forehead you say BANG and he CRACKS up! They were both giggling!

T2 resting after dinner.

Monkey and Princess trying to get Heir to wrestle!


I hope you have a blessed week!


  1. Sunday after next I will be there. Can't wait.

  2. AWWW! I love that princess finally went to Heir!! Special Day!!! I love it when you share your days with us!