Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Eagle's have landed

Today did not rain! I asked Rescue Rita if she would like to take off for a drive and see if we could find the eagles. She was game! The Littles didn't get what we were doing and weren't all that impressed. They got a pizza dinner out of the deal and were a bit happier. Well Bugs had spaghetti, he isn't a fan of pizza.
We headed North. We took a secondary highway out of town and about half way to where we were going a Bobcat ran across the road! I couldn't get my camera on him but he was beautiful! I am bummed about no picture though. Just trust me. As we neared the river we were looking for I said Rita there is an Eagle! She pulled over. I took a few pictures. I am such a dork though! I know, not news to most! I did not think to bring binoculars. HOW silly! So I used my camera as one. It worked out OK but I want some binoculars to keep in my glove box. So here are some pictures of our beautiful Eagles. They are so beautiful.

I think this is a young one maybe?


old water tower



  1. I love the one in the tree up close, but I really think you need to go back and get the bob cat picture!

  2. LOL I'm with Auntie...go back and find that Bobcat! I like the one of Bugs looking out into the field and I like the 6th one starting from the bottom going up. And I love that Rescue Rita was game! She's a good friend!