Friday, July 1, 2011


My Scout is a wonderful dog. Everyone wants to steal her. My daughter in law is one of those. In fact I'm not sure she hasn't tried to put Scout in her pocketbook at one time. Princess and Scout are the same age. Scout has chewed on Princess feet since day one. Princess and her mama have wanted a puppy just like her for a long time. I have been telling them for a long time that when they got a house ( the apartment was a HUGE walk up) that I would get them a puppy of their own. One day Drummer brought home a pit bull puppy, that didn't go over. Buster was a TINY baby and they lived in an apt. That just wasn't going to work. I reminded them when they got a house I would make it happen for them. Well you know they moved home early this year. I think the day after they got here Princess said Mana(Nana) are you going to get me a puppy? I said when you get a house I will. They got a house and got permission. They have a fenced yard and are in a position to be able to vet a pet. So I contacted my cousin who is a breeder. She had ONE tiny girl left and wanted to keep her. I said no problem we will just wait for the next liter. Not a problem. Well she decided that she would let her go for me. We made all the arrangements and I went with Rescue Rita to get the baby. I was amazed at how little she is. I got Scout at 12 weeks. This baby girl is 8 weeks. She is so TINY!

Introducing Princess Bella

She chewed on me for a while, had a snack and a drink and fell asleep. I gave her a drink out of a water bottle lid. :)

Meeting her new daddy. He loves her even if she isn't a pit bull.

Me giving Princess her new puppy.

Daddy showing Buster.

Dinner IN the bowl

Always ready to muck it up for the camera.

Just admiring her. She is totally in love!

Potty break. She didn't like the grass.
Tonight DIL and the kids came over and brought Bella. She needed to be introduced to Scout and Bolt since I'm sure we will all be spending time together. Yesterday when I got home Scout smelled me all over. Since I had Bella in my shirt Scout had her whole head down my shirt sniffing and pushing with her nose trying to find where the interloper was. It was so funny!

Bella and Scout. Scout isn't a little Chihuahua but she is a small dog, that's how tiny Bella is. Scout smelled her all over and Bella chewed on Scouts feet and was trying to play. She tried to pounce at Bolt and he flew backwards! We laughed so hard.

Trying to eat Scouts tags.

The girls.

Such a happy little girl. She almost broke my heart though. She asked me if I was going to take Bella back. I said NO! Then she relaxed. I think she thought her mama was bringing them here to bring the puppy back to me. She is totally head over heels in love with that dog. She holds her like a baby and is very gentle and soft with her.

A nap attack after playing with the other dogs.

Then mama was tired so they had to go home. Princess put Bella in her purse and carried her out. So very cute!

Today is Monkey's birthday. He is 7. I'm shocked! I can't believe it's been 7 years. He and Bugs are still at the farm. I know Grandma and Grandpa had a little party for him tonight. He asked for Pizza. PIZZA? That child has never asked for pizza in his life! He doesn't DO cheese. What a goofball. We called and sang to him today. Talking to him on the phone is like trying to nail jello to a tree. He doesn't want to miss whats going on where he is to chit chat on the phone. I miss them.



  1. He ate one whole piece and when he went to bed he said he had a good birthday. I hope so, we tried. I usually send money but I got him presents with him here and really wrapped them, not in Walmart sacks. He asked for a weird thing too a big box to put stuff in in his bedroom so it wouldn't be so messy. So we got him one and some other things including a transformer which he liked best I think but he told everyone why he wanted the crate. Oh well this is the kid that doesn't like pizza either. Maybe turning 7 did something to his little brain?

  2. Loved ALL your pictures! A nice memory for Princess!!

  3. I chuckled and awwed the whole way through!