Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cake or Death?

We did some errands on Sunday afternoon. When we got home I got out and didn't shut my door. Dh went out and pushed it with his butt. The seat belt was in the closing mechanism or something. It was STUCK! So very stuck. Dh tried and tried but he couldn't do it. So Skater (more on him in a bit) and Drummer and T2 went to work. It took all 3 of them but they finally got it open. YIPPEE!

The 3 amigo's working on my car.
Skater called a few weeks ago and needed to come back home. So he got home the weekend we were after The Littles.

Bella and Skater. Everyone is smitten with her.

Just a cute picture of Bugs.
For family dinner on Sunday we had Monkey's birthday. He was at his Grandparents on his birthday so we said he would get 2, one there and one at home. He was so excited!

Presents! Princess was as excited as he was.

Princess Bugs and Buster


This child LOVES Transformers. Heir and The Littles went to the movie today. I heard all about it all day long!

Bella and T2. She was digging into his neck and chewing on his necklace and it was making him giggle and his toes curls.

Monkey got a superdooper Nerf gun and he was shooting, that's why he's wearing safety goggles.
Heir has been in Alaska fishing for almost a month. He came home on Sunday and he came and surprised me Monday. He looks great! I love his curly hair. It gets curlier and curlier the longer it gets.


Everyone is home and accounted for! Yeah!



  1. How many son's to open a car door :)

  2. LOVE Heir's hair! Tongue twister! Happy Birthday to Monkey! Princess has beautiful hair! Bella is too cute! My turn next!!