Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend in Review

It's been a fun weekend! Friday night I went scrap booking. I LOVE going. I just don't get much done unless I leave the house. It's always a fun time. The women asked all about my trip. I loved telling them and they seemed to love hearing about it. I could leave again tomorrow! So many lovely memories.
Saturday Rescue Rita and I had plans to pick raspberries and then head out to Birch Bay. It was drop dead gorgeous summer day! Finally!
Here are Rescue Rita and her daughter and The Littles and our buckets. Rita took one home. I think we picked for a couple hours is all. Monkey wasn't much help.

Our Bounty!

Melinda and The Littles working hard, well mostly.

Me and The Littles at Birch Bay.

Rita and Melinda

Standing on a log.


Then sings my soul..................

It is well with my soul.

We don't want to get out!
Today was family dinner day and we were ALL here! YEAH us! It was so pretty and warm we just grilled burgers, dogs and sausages. Then when that was done Heir put a King Salmon fillet on. Everyone went away very full!

Princess on the jumpoline with our neighbor's girl. They were having a good time.

The guys. Roommate, T2, Dh, Drummer, Kevin and Heir. Who was golfing yesterday minus sunscreen.

Buster down in the yard with the kids. He was playing in the pool and hose.
So Bugs started a water fight with Heir. Heir grabbed a bucket and filled it and threw it down from the deck trying to hit Bugs. He DRENCHED Buster. He gasped and then just went with it. Heir felt so bad!

Loosing the favorite Uncle card.

T2 snuggling Buster. That's the look of love right there.

Papa and the girls.
It was a beautiful weekend. Good food good fun good family! God is good.

I hope you have a blessed week.



  1. My Savior God with thee...How Great Thou Art...

    I can't believe Heir's arm!! I just cringed! I like the picture of you and the littles! Cute! All good pictures and it's a good thing that everyone is home!!

  2. I'm so glad you have summer!!!!!!!!!! I love the sunsets!