Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Ocean

We had Spring break last week. I wanted to try and do some fun things with the boys so I took it off. Anita and her boys came for what was suppose to be several fun filled days. On Sunday one of them woke up very sick. So Anita felt it was necessary to go home. Boohisshiss!
I had wanted to go to the ocean and since Rescue Rita loves it as much as I do I said "Lets go"! Bugs had his own plans but he wasn't in charge so he went with us and tried to not like it. He did have fun though.

This is the weather we left in. It was just so gross! It had been for days and days. We were going regardless!

As we turned West and got past Olympia we started seeing blue in the sky! YIPPEE!

First glimpse of the Ocean. We went to Westport first. I had never been there and wanted to try something different. Nope not a good fit for us. So we drove back around and went to Ocean shores.

On the way back around.

This is soothing to my soul!

Bugs looking for "critter's" Not like at the bay. He was a tad disappointed in the lack of critter's.

Patterns in the sand.

It is well with my soul......

Boys in the surf.

24 hour motel pool. It was nice and warm.

I was trying to get Rescue Rita to hold a piece of her biscuit for the bird to take from her hand. Every time it came in to do it, she squealed and dropped it. I laughed every time!

This guy was waiting!

This guy was yelling at us through the windshield.

Still waiting..........

This was the next day and the wind was way less so it was actually a really nice day!

Rescue Rita and I walking up the beach.

Rita left our marks!

Ships in the distance

The bird dance. I want to know how they know who to follow and how that leader knows when to go!

We took a drive down to the jetty. Just so beautiful!

For Auntie. The backside was ocean side.

Just the random yard ornament.

There were several deer. Didn't seem fazed at all by us.

2 Bambi's.

We hit Olympia and this is what met us there - AGAIN/STILL? Ish!

Us at the Black Bear Diner after dinner. We had a very good time.

I hope you have a blessed week.



  1. How can one kid 'wreck' something so big and fun !?! Sigh...I'm gld you went and did something wonderful. Those birds cracked me up!! Did they ever get fed? And you know the birds are following someone with a sense of direction!! :)

    Love you guys!