Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Dinner

I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but Monkey had a little friend named Kitty.  He loved her and had her from the time he was very little. He almost always had her with him.  One day we could not find her.  She was just gone!  We have ripped our house apart trying to find her. He has another cat named Carnation but she wasn't the same.  Quite a bit of time has gone by and he still talked about her and missed her very much.  I have looked at places that sell Ty babies and could not find another one.  On a whim last week I went on Amazon and lo and behold there she was.  I ordered Monkey a new Kitty.  She came this week.  This boy is so happy.  I think the only time she hasn't been with him is when he was at school.  Anyone else think of the scene from Toy Story 3 when the bear and doll finally got home after being left at the picnic only to find they had been replaced?  YIKES.  BUT a long time has gone by.  He's a happy boy.
See his smiley face!

He was sleeping on the couch.  See how close he is holding her?  He says it's not quite the same but very close! 
It has been a very beautiful weekend.  It actually made it into the 70's.  I have a red face from working in the yard.  I got 3 flower beds done and a start on the 4th.  That 4th one is my nemesis.  I love it when I'm done though. I probably should have done it first so it would be out of the way.  But I figure if I get side tracked at least I have 3 done, right? 
  I texted T2 yesterday on our way into the grocery store and said I needed an idea for dinner for Sunday.  He said BBQ.  I think that was plan for 9000 other people in the area.  It was so pretty out! 
So T2 and Kevin came early to make sure the grill was clean and that it had gas.  Our whole neighborhood smelled like BBQ.  And the air was humming!  Everyone was either mowing their lawns or power washing. 

A Princess and a pickle. 

Buster the little goofball!

Bugs and his new cool glasses.

Skater the Chef!  He did a good job.  It's been a while and he might have been out of practice. 

Sitting at the table outside looking up.  Just a beautiful day.

Beautiful DIL and Bella. 

T2 and his favorite Buster.
I had told Drummer that the yard needed mowed and I wasn't going to get to it.  He came and made it happen.  Isn't he a sweet Yard Boy?  I love him and appreciated it so much.

Weed whacking.  I hate that job but love the way it looks.

Styling T2.

On to the mowing.   While he was mowing he found an egg!  LOL  There is always one isn't there.

Sitting at the table talking with the boys and the sunset in the distance.

Walker got locked off the deck so we could eat without a hairy rug laying under the table.  He was telling me he was really ready to come up now.  Skater had dropped a burger while cooking and I gave him the hot dog Buster didn't eat.  He KNEW there was good stuff up on the deck. 

Sunset from my deck.

Mt. Baker in the other direction from my deck.  I live in a beautiful part of the world. 
Dh has been with his mother for the past week and he got home just in time for dinner.  That was nice.  He got a lot accomplished with his mother and spent some time with a friend that was also in town.  So onto a new week we go.
Have a blessed week.


  1. I ama so glad you found a new kitty. It was so important to him. Your pictures are wonderful. We had bbq at Katies.

  2. I miss seeing Mt. Baker! Beautiful pictures and family! Miss you!

  3. I am sad Monkey lost his Kitty, but SO glad you were able to find something for him! We had a good run on a nice few days didn't we! Beautifu!