Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Once upon a time...

A long time ago in the not so distant past there lived an Evil King and Queen. They had a beautiful dark haired princess. She was a site to behold and joy to those who knew her. The King and Queen were evil people. They were dishonest and hurtful to and about their Princess. Princess prayed and told her story so many times. No one would help her. Many people said years later that they thought something was "off" but just didn't know how or what to do to help. That was BS! When the Princess told her Fairy Godmother her deepest secrets her Fairy Godmother knew exactly what to do! She called in the Calvary! The Calvary came with guns a blazing and rescued the Princess. She was taken to safety. The Evil King and Queen were thrown out of the kingdom never to be seen or heard from again! Princess went to live with her Aunt and Uncle who took her to their heart and adopted her as their own.
Princess went on to become a beautiful young women with a kingdom of her own. She became a wonderful, caring Queen to all in her kingdom. Princess and her Fairy Godmother remained close friends all their days.
To document their lifelong bond and everlasting love for each other, they went and got related tattoo's.

Celebration dinner with Rescue Rita who supervised.

I love you so much Anita Grace! The daughter of my heart, sister and friend.
Guest appearance by Phil at Sabbath Tattoo - my favorite artist.



  1. I love my Buttercup!

  2. What a GREAT fairytale with, thankfully, a wonderful ending...Love my Fairy Godmother! You and I both know where I'd be with out you! Love your version of our story...was thinking how fitting a pic of a fairy Godmother would have been too! Love your twist on our story! You guys are the family I never had...

  3. Yes, a great fairytale and we are thrilled for your fairy Godmother who rescued the princess. Love you too Anita and your FGM.