Monday, April 16, 2012

The Zoo

I took Monkey and Princess and Buster to the Zoo. We had such a good time. The weather was beautiful! I thought Princess would give me a run for it but stuck to me like white on rice! She was worried about getting left. I couldn't have lost her if I had tried. Buster on the other hand was a straight up RUNNER! I finally just had to put him in the stroller and buckle him up. Oh he stuck his lip out so far! It was funny. He did have a good time and I did get him out and help him see the animals and stuff but he did have to sit in the stroller.

At the jaguar. He's off to the left. I could just tell you he's in the picture. What? You can't see him? :)

We could have sit there and watched the gorilla's all day long!

Isn't he cute WAY up there?

Just so majestic! I love them.

My trio!

The hippo up in the sun. They are so big looking on land.

The Queen of the jungle. The King was laying in the deep grass and you could only see the top of his head.

They loved this little elephant. We had to wait our turn to get to him. VERY hard for Buster. I think he was in several other families pictures. LOL

Such a pretty monkey.

She came right up to the glass and looked and Princess and Monkey. Not sure who was checking who out more.

Everyone was enjoying the sunny day.

Look at all the monkeys!

We have been many times and not always seen the wolves. They were out and so beautiful!

We don't see this guy very often either.

I can't remember what kind of Eagle this was.

The Elk.

There was an aviary with lots of birds. You can buy a little stick with seeds on it and hold it out and the birds with come and sit on the stick and eat or lean from a branch and eat the seeds. Well no strollers allowed in there. WALL TO WALL PEOPLE! So Buster is loose, and I'm trying to help 2 short people feed the birds. I got told twice that Buster wasn't allowed to climb the trees or throw rocks. REALLY?? LOL

My hand helping Monkey, Princess's hand and Buster escaping in the background.

There is a cougar under the 3 of them. Honest.

On the ride home. A good time was had by all!

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  1. LOVE the last picture! By far the best one there...made me laugh out loud!!!