Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blister and Weezer reporting

After falling asleep to the sounds of fireworks I slept really well!  I don't know if it was the break down, crying it out or being that close to a road.  But I slept well! Finally.
We woke up 7 ish and tried to get our day started.  Anita is not feeling it today at all!  Bless her heart.  Her husband is having surgery this morning.  (it came up after our plans and we were encouraged to still go - he's covered!) Her feet are killing her and now her guts are mad at her.  Neither of us are loving the processed food.  It tastes fine.  It's just a lot of stuff neither of us are used to eating.   We finally got us both situated and on the trail about 10:45.
The first order of the day is water.  It was a very rough start!  Up up up again! Then down then UP.  OH MY WORD!   We met a lovely young women headed South.  She started in Seattle 10 days ago.  She has had to bounce around to dodge the snow.  She graduated from college and this trip was a gift to herself.  She confirmed that Indian Heaven is still covered in snow so we were glad we have changed our plans.  We have named her Chicago.  That is where she is from.  She told us to stop at the ledge at the top.  She said she had sat there this morning and she KNEW she was going to be ok.  Her phone and watch had both broke. She was free styling it!  We told her how proud of her we were.  We offered her food but she wanted to finish what she started her way.  She was headed to friends in Portland after catching the bus in Bridge of the God's.   I hope she feels the love and is proud of herself too. She seemed to be overcoming her own ghosts.  Walking them off!
While we were getting water 2 women walked by us heading North.  They barely nodded.  It was a very slow hot climb today.  We stopped for lunch and to top off our water by a stream.  I had my pack off and shoes and socks and pants off before Anita had her back off.  I stood in the water and panted!  It was so hot and it felt so good! I washed parts and cooled off.  I soaked my shirt before putting it back on.  Not really hungry but ate a bar but drank gallon's of water I think.  It was a long hot climb back UP!   Anita really has struggled the last few miles.  Our solar chargers are crap so we are conserving our batteries.  We aren't using any apps except Guthook for water and camping info.  At one point I got several texts and sent some. We are never sure they go.  We are pretty sure it's over 100' today.  Since we changed our destination we don't have to hurry.  It was Anita's turn to have a break down today.  It's ok I've had mine. :)  I'm pretty sure if you asked us today, neither of us are ever doing this again.   Ask after we've had a hot shower and a real bed.
We camped on an abandoned road.  There were lots of camp sites.  There was a fire ring.  Neither of us are comfortable with a fire though.  It's just so hot and neither of us want to risk the fire or use the water to put it out.  It was a really nice spot. Tomorrow is a new day!
Blister and Weezer out..


  1. Poor girls :( you made Auntie cry.

  2. Lol my pack is still in a time out in the garage!! That was a really hard glad that day will never happen ever again.