Saturday, August 19, 2017

Foot bridge of Trout creek

We got up and got going at a good time.  We only had to go down, and down and more down.  Since we have changed our destination we only have to go about 6/7 miles.  The first order of the day is water.  It's a never ending issue when you are hiking.  We had started out earlier trying to beat the heat.  It was just hot and getting hotter.  We were in the middle of no where BFE and my phone started buzzing with texts.  Carmen asked about bears AGAIN!  NO BEARS.  I sent a few texts, Anita sent some and we started off again hoping they went.  We went about 20 steps and Anita's phone rang!  It wasn't a call she wanted to answer but I said HEY call Frank!  She talked to him and he's doing well after his surgery! That is good news!  Because we talked to him we don't have to hike out to the ranger station after all.  YEAH!  He's set to pick us up Sunday.  Still feels like a 100 miles away.  We will get there one step at a time.
We passed the highest point of the day and it was BEAUTIFUL over looking Trout water falls and creek and the valley before.  It was beautiful. That was where Chicago had sat on the cliff ledge and decided she was going to be good!  It was a beautiful spot.  
We walked about 4 miles to water.  Since it was hot we both took our shirts off and were sitting in our pants and bra's with our feet in the water trying to get cool.  Our shirts hung out to dry a bit.  We had a hot lunch since we had lots of water and time to relax. I said you know we are going to get caught in our underwear one of these times.  So far so good!  As we were putting our packs back on to get moving a Southbound guy and his dog Roxy came by.  Anita and I laughed so hard inside!    We showed him where we had found water with my app and compared it to his info and he was on his way.  He loved Anita's name.  It was his mama's name.
Onward march.  We also passed a women who was a PCTA volunteer with her dog.  We got to talk to her about the first leg of our hike.  They are needing to get out there and clear some trees.  We told her it wasn't bad but there was trees over the trail. Because the PCT is open to horses they have to keep the tree's off it.  It's all done by volunteers.  She was pleased she had run into us.
We got to Trout creek about 3 something.  It was nice to be not moving for a bit.  We both dropped our packs and wadded into the stream it was deep and cold!  We set up camp.  We rinsed out the things we wanted some what clean, and then hung them around the camp to dry.  It looked like a laundry basket exploded.  LOL SO us.
Another hiker came by and asked if she could camp by us.  She was so excited to actually meet someone.  She's been alone for 2 days.  She passed the people we had today.  She had gotten scared in the night and just really felt the need to be around people.  Well we were it. She was very interesting and fun to talk to.  She took our picture.  I was sitting in the dirt and there was underwear hanging in the bushes.  She asked if she could blog about us.  Oh sure.  LOL  As we were settling down for the night I started laughing because I knew our funny picture would be on her blog.  And it was!  She was talking as fast as we were and excited about her hike and meeting us. She all of a sudden sighed and said I think I finally got my 10,000 words in!  She was funny and nice. We had a lovely dinner and an early night with the thought that tomorrow we should get to the camp ground!

The dreaded shoes have to go back on. 

We are ready to greet the day!

The trees were HUGE in this part of the hike. 

Weezer out!

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