Saturday, August 5, 2017

Happy Birthday America!

Blister and Weezer reporting.......
I'll just be honest from the get go, today was HARD!  We had a hard time getting going.  Doing chores and getting it all packed up was just a struggle. I slept very poorly.  I was hot then cold and awake often.  It was a bad night.  We went back to the spring to top off our water.  While we were filling up all of a sudden I can hear Anita talking to someone.  It was 2 gentlemen and a dog.  A ginormous husky. He was beautiful.  They filled up their water and talked to us while we did ours. They were day hikers.   After we filled up and finished packing it all back up we ran into them again.  Yes we were just that slow.  It was ok.  Last night we sat with my app and with Anita's map and figured out where we are going. We just can't make the miles we wanted. We are the only ones here and the ones doing the hike. This is for us and we have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves. We are Hiking Your Own Hike.  HYOH.  
As we headed down the trail we ran into another day hiker with his dog.  We went down and down and down then up a bit and down some more.  I HATE going down.  My hips and knees were screaming at me.  The more we eat and adjust and move the heavier my pack seems. It is awful today. It was rather disappointing to go down so far after climbing UP for 2 days.  So much work.
I have had a really hard time controlling my thoughts.  Anita's feet are so bad and she is being so strong to keep moving.  I feel awful.  The cesspool of awful thoughts just circled and circled my brain and I couldn't make it stop.  What have I gotten us into, what if something bad happens, what if what if what if.... it was awful.  I had a really big meltdown.  Anita is so patient.  She let me cry, talked me down off the wall.  Anita is such a wonderful daughtersisterfriend.  I love her with my whole heart.  She was so strong when I just couldn't be.  All I could muster was one foot in front of the other.  I have not ever experienced not being able to control my thoughts like that.  It wasn't fun.
So we camped at Forest Rd 2070.  Elevation 1460. We cleared a spot just off the trail and off the road.  We stopped early. About 6:15.  It was a short day.  Since we have a new destination in mind we will have to hike off trail to a ranger's station we found on the map in hopes of cell service to let the guys know the new place. We just aren't going to make the miles and so we are doing the best for us.
Blister and Weezer out....

I told you, right in the middle of the trail.  Anita was D.O.N.E

No hitchhikers! 

Soaking her very sore feet. 

We are going to be OK!  



  1. HYOH baby! ! We talked each other down a lot..sadly I'm not even sure Tuesday evening was my breaking point....that day was yet to come. .. the 5th is the day I break isn't it..the day Frank has his surgery...and then we talked to him randomly the next day, when the phone rang in BFE?
    Where are we on the bridge? Is this the day we thought the mountain blew?

  2. My God these two were losing it :) I love them so much..