Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Panther Creek

Captain's log - 7/7/2017 - 7/9/2017
Blister and Weezer reporting...
We stumbled into Panther Creek campground about 1:30. We are done. That is as far as Anita's feet will go.  They look like hamburger.  We are so proud of ourselves.
the camp hosts - Josh and Heidi are lovely, helpful folks.  They knew right away we were PCT'ers.  They don't have free spots anymore.  We paid for 2 nights and 2 bundles of wood. We were going to have a fire tonight!  We had dreamed of showers at the camp ground.  Nope, it's a primitive one.  BUT the pit toilets are super clean!  We set up camp and rested.  Just rested and talked and and relished in not moving.  Not having to pick up that pack.  I'm working hard to not be disappointed about not making it to Trout Lake.  The snow and ice are things I can't control and neither of us wanted to hike on an ice field.   I am proud of what we accomplished.  I feel very strong and able.  Up hill with 50lb packs was just something we didn't know.  You wouldn't until you've done it.  We will know next time.  There will be another over night hike in the future.  Probably not a week though.
Neither of us wanted any of the options for dinner so we had a few snacky things and tea. We both kept waiting for someone to offer us a hotdog and some chips.  LOL Didn't happen. AND neither of us eat hotdogs.  Anita built a wonderful fire for the evening.  It helped keep the mosquito's away.  We would also find out later it helped mask our smell. :)  That was good news.  We made our selves stay up and awake until after 8.  Then we went to bed.  It feels strange to be around so many people, barking dogs and cars.  I don't' know if I felt safer with people around or if I did when it was just us alone.  It felt weird I think.
I slept well. Well until my hips said GET UP!  We just had tea and bars for breakfast. Then we closed up our camp and were headed to find cell service. We wanted to let everyone know we were off the trail.  Make sure our pick up plans were all in place and to make sure Frank was still healing well.  We filled our water cups, each had our necessities and off we went.  Josh and Heidi said we would have to go about 2 miles to the highway to find cell service.  It felt funny being in our hiking clothes but not carrying our packs.  Just before the highway it seemed like we might have a bar or 2, but nothing went or worked.  Sigh. On we go.  Anita's feet hurt but it did help not carrying the packs.  We got to the highway and NOTHING.  I thought Anita might sit in the dirt and cry right beside the highway.  We set off towards the town.  About 4 more miles we thought.  A sheriff drove right by us.  Trust me, we were out of place.  It was weird he didn't even slow down.  All of a sudden a car pulls up and asks if we were looking for cell service. We both look at each other and go HUH?  He explained he had just dropped his son off to do a section of the PCT and was going to go with but had a medical problem and wasn't able to go.  So he had been at the camp ground and talking to Josh and Heidi and they told them we were just off and headed to find cell service.  He needed to make some plans and needed the internet for it so was headed to town. Would we like a lift?  UH I have never hitchhiked or picked one up so it was a moment for me! Anita turned her back and said we have our weapon's, I'm risking it.  LOL  His name is Scott, he's our trail angel!  Could not have been a nicer guy!  He asked about our hike, he was so proud of us and told us over and over.  He under stood it wasn't an easy thing we had done.  He dropped us off at a brewery in town while he went to make his arrangements.  We had the best ice cold drinks and pizza EVER!  I wanted something green so bad.  I had a wonderful salad.  When we were done we sent a message to Scott and he took us back to the camp ground!  Some day I will pay that forward and be a trail angel.  He was truly a gift to us that day!   We even had left over pizza for dinner!  It was so lovely only having to walk 2 miles instead of 12.   Anita is napping as I'm writing this (journal).  Her feet are so mad at her.  We realized all the people we saw hiking except the guy with Roxy were all women.  Interesting thought.
Frank will be here in the morning.  He said Noon but we both know it will be earlier then that.  We had a lovely fire again in the evening to chase the bugs away and for warmth.  No one offered us a burger or a hotdog again.  LOL BUT we had pizza.  We are both content and satisfied.  Now for a shower.
Frank was there to get us about 9.  It was lovely to see him.  We were all packed and ready.   We are both ready to be home.

Things we learned on the PCT..
~ Hold on to your trekking poles.
~ You can pick up your dropped pole by sticking the other one through the strap and lifting it up.
~ Don't put your sleeping bag bundle on a hill.
~A clean pair of socks and panties and a bandana brighten the outlook of the day.
~Brushed teeth are amazing!
~Don't over pack
~Nice people are every where!
~Don't let fear stop you.
~I hate being dirty
~Stand tall
~Look where you are going.
~A licked spoon is a clean spoon
~Carry a celebratory beverage in your pack.
~Don't put your trekking pole  through your shoelace
~Don't under estimate a well placed penis.

Weezer out........

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  1. We need to share our PCT pictures!! I didn't realize I haven't seen these!