Monday, February 23, 2009

Because I can

Here is one last picture of Princess. She was laughing at the Uncles.
She had to go home today. Her parents made her go. Buttheads.

Monkey's room needed some new mud and texture and paint
around his window ( it was new - a long time ago) and since DH
isn't busy he finally did it. He finished the mud, then textured it
and painted it. Tomorrow we will put all of Monkey's stuff back.
It looks very nice. Now he needs some curtains.

Friday night I went scrap booking. I just started a new
project. My mom's book was the last one, so I started our
25th anniversary trip. I got 8 pages done. I already know the next
one too. I only work on it once a month at a friends. I don't' think
I would work on it any more often even if I had a place to leave it all out.
I think.......


  1. I do love the way you used the word butthead...hehe made me laugh! I can't wait to see Monkeys room all done!