Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh My Word

Well! This morning I had an interesting conversation with Monkey. I'm telling you we are in for it!!! Monkey and I were taking Bugs to school. He was saying that when he went to school at Anita's she left him there. ( It was VBS and she lives down the block and she didn't leave until he said she could) He then told me he didn't like it when they were marching. I told Monkey "well when you go to school this Fall you will like it. " He said WHAT???? I said when you go to school this Fall it will be different and you will like it. Monkey says..... What school? I said you will go to School with Bugs in the Fall. He YELLED at me. I SAID I DO NOT WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL, I ALREADY WENT!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. WORD. First I asked him if he had lost his mind, He said he was sorry for yelling then I told him ( Thank you Auntie) Well I guess if you don't want to go to school you can just go to work. He got really upset and said I don't want to have a JOB!!! At this point I started to laugh. I asked him what exactly he wanted to do all day then. He said I'm going to Ms Anne's and Paula's! It's going to take until September to get this kid ready to go to school. This could get exciting. Peace


  1. You have your work cut out for you that's for sure!! I've ruined the poor kid, guess he's not coming this summer for VBS again is he? Sigh..and I SO looked forward to having him come...;) Good luck!!

  2. Has her visited Lane's class? So he know's it's fun things. Or maybe ask the Kindergarten teacher if he could just observe for a little bit while you stayed? My B.I.L (who's now 50'sh") was told he could go to school when he's 6. (he's the baby of the family also) He wanted to go so bad with all of his brothers. So the day after he turned 6 ..IN FEBRUARY..he was dressed and waiting on the bus! It wasn't pretty!