Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My house has The Sick! Monkey has a seal cough and Bugs has a 102.2 temp and a headache and chills, Skater Dude has a plugged head and cough, T2 has a horrid cough and can't get warm. These kids are nasty and they better not share! Dh has no work so he's staying home with The Littles tomorrow. I feel like dipping them all in boiling bleach water. COOTIES! I do NOT want what they have. Would you?

Thing 2 and DIL and Princess are suppose to be coming this weekend. Thing 2 is going snow boarding with friends. I will be getting my girl fix! I can't wait.

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  1. Yeah girlie fix!!! I'm sure you'll at least show us pictures when all is said and done right?? As for cooties...well I DON'T want them thank you very much but for some reason my house has it too. But I'll bet you after all is said and done and they get better I'm the one that's sick and I will be forgotten and STILL have to do everything :) I hope you don't get the 'sick'! Love ya! I'm so happy you get to see your girl!