Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cast of Characters- T2

I know you want some!!
This is what T2 did this evening. He's not helping me with them but
we needed some treats for lunch. They are white choc. chips.
T2 was one of THE most shyest kid EVER! He was so quiet and shy. We
used to say he was my appendage. He was ALWAYS hanging on my leg. If
someone talked to him he clung to me like a spider monkey.
He didn't walk until he was 16 months old, I took him to the doc and said "He's
broken, fix him" That doctor looked at me and said "stop carrying him". I was
so insulted! But you know it worked. :-) If I would have kept him out of school
until he was ready to go he would NEVER have gone.
He has grown into a fine young man. He has strong opinions, he's almost 21. :-) enough said....
He is the tallest of our 6. DH has a son from before that I think is a tad taller. Not sure where it came from. T2 and Thing 2 are having a contest to see who can grow their hair the longest, I have a feeling Thing 2 is going to win, T2 is getting tired of it.
T2 is wonderful with babies. Princess LOVES him. Monkey and Bugs are very glad to have him home again. They missed him terribly.
Have a great day! Peace


  1. He was easily bribed with M&M's, if you had those you could get him to do anything! He was my sidekick for so long...sigh..the he went and grew's all your fault you let him get big!!

  2. He was the "floppy" boy :) Still is sort of LOL

  3. We miss him too. Alot. Somehow I thought he would be a forever resident. He was great company as well as help. Love you grandson.

  4. Okay can you put up a different picture please!?! That is absolute torture to look at those cookies during Lent!!! I can't believe he made those while you are giving up sweets during Lent!!