Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's a cold very windy day so I'm posting things that make me smile. I've been keeping track of these for just such an occasion as this.Just for the record they were not all Yesterday. I should have dated them, but didn't.

I want to get these down before I forget.

Yesterday Isaac was hiding in a huge bucket and jumping out and yelling at Lane. I asked him to please stop screaming in the house and he said " I'm scaring Lane out of Heck" Which we translated to, Scaring the heck out of Lane!

After Carmen put safety goggles and a hat on Isaac for protection in a Nerf war, Isaac said.... I NOW look like an idiot.

Computer froze up on Isaac and he said to his dad..... I've been trying for 4 hours to get here and NOW the computer won't work???? ( He had NOT been on the computer for 4 hours!)

A toy wasn't working quite like Isaac wanted it to and he said "Why can't the toy makers make this work right??"Mama, If you throw me up over the stairs and I sing "I believe I can Fly" I think I will be able to fly, but I don't want to hit the wall. ( I did NOT try this)

*HUGE burp* Man does that hit the spot!!!

When very young and told to stop being naughty the response was " I'm not naughty, I'm just a jerk." No clue where that came from. Big Brothers??

After a week at VBS Isaac has decided he's DONE with school. D.O.N.E.

After asking 3 times for Isaac to put his shoes on, I just grabbed the shoes and started stuffing feet in them with huge tears he said to me, You have RUINED my WHOLE life. As I did the second shoe he said You've RUINED my WHOLE life AGAIN!!!

After a dinner of French Toast, Bryant (so very picky) said "That was a wonderful dinner mom" Isaac added Mom, that was so good I wish my mouth was bigger so I could eat more at a time!

On the way home from Ms. Anne's (daycare) I was asked "Is this the way to our house?" Yes it is. "Are you sure?" Uh yes I am. 18 years in the same house!

I was putting Isaac to bed in his own room and bed and he was not impressed or happy about it. I was laying with him trying to calm him down and make him OK with it. He looked at me with huge tear filled eyes and said "I am just not interested in sleeping in my own bed!"

Isaac LOVES to climb up on the bathroom vanity and put watery hand prints all over the mirrors. He has been asked to stop doing this! After cleaning my bathroom yesterday, tonight Isaac was again caught up on the vanity touching my clean mirror. I said GET DOWN! He said I want to do what you say but my brain won't let me. I said to him, You are in charge of your brain, choose to do the right thing Isaac. Well what do you want me to do Mama, take my brain outa my head??

This morning Isaac was needing to be held. I asked him to wait until I finished getting ready for the day and could Tyler please hold him. NO, I want the girl who is my mom to hold me! OK buddy

Bryant is holding Isaac upside down and Isaac says.... Be careful with my head your going to make my brains fall right out.

I hope you smiled a little. Peace


  1. You need to keep a journal of them. He is so funny.

  2. LOL I loved the one where Lane now thinks he looks like a jerk:) I can just invision the whole thing!

  3. I LOVE the one where Monkey tells you to he wants to obey but his brain won't let him...hysterical! He is a funny boys and we love him so much! I loved it when he used to ask his brothers if they wanted to scuffle!