Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life is good

I have had a good week. The sun has come out and stayed. It's just beautiful. The hum of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh grass and all the flowers blooming is just wonderful. The only thing that I don't like is the cotton blowing around. It makes DH cough and sneeze and I think my Auntie almost died the last time she was here this time of year.
My flowers that I got in the hospital have finally given up. They were the longest lasting flowers I have ever had. I've also had a bouquet of lilacs on my table for weeks ( not the same ones but new ones every few days) but they are all done blooming now.
Bugs had his choir concert this week.
They did such a good job. That was the first time I had left the house outside of walking.
I went and did a few errands on Thursday and survived. I picked up Princesses pictures. They turned out nice.

Today DH and Monkey and I went and met Heir Apparent fishing. Monkey caught fish the minute his bobber hit the water. Heir Apparent couldn't catch his bass hitting it with his lure. He was not amused. I sat in the shade and watched. Monkey was catching Sunfish. He was looking for Blue gills which he was saying as Blue Bells. :-)

Heir Apparent and Monkey

Monkey and his Sunfish

Baby Butt crack

Waiting for the bass - before....

Ooops - After......

The Littles had the sprinkler on the trampoline today. It was in the mid 70's. They have so much fun doing that. I didn't think it was that warm today but they certainly did. Well I think that's the week updated.



  1. OH NO! Dustin fell in?????? and you just happen to have the camera :)

  2. Bugs is so handsome and it really does sound like he's really enjoyed himself with doing choir and all the concerts! Baby crack is HSYTERICAL!