Saturday, May 9, 2009

Visitors Jam and Fish

Anita and her boys came to visit today. Anita wanted to see me before next weekend and I'm always in the mood to have her come. DH took our 2 Little's and Anita's 2 biggest fishing. So he had 10, 7, 5, 4. Bugs, Ian, Lee, and Monkey fishing. Doesn't that just sound relaxing? No? Not to me either. DH LOVES to do things like that. They had so much fun and caught fish! My roses will love them. Anita took her guys fish home with her. What happens to it then is her problem.
While the guys were off doing their thing Anita and I made Jam. She has wanted to learn and she froze her fruit last fall for the perfect lesson time and today was it. She had blackberries and Italian Prunes. We made 2 double batches of Italian prune (plum) jam and 1 single batch of blackberry. We were very proud of ourselves. I talked/showed the first one, kind of helped with the second and the third Anita did herself. I'm very proud of her. I loved teaching her something I have loved doing.
Anita and Eli stirring.

Finished product!

Eli making googly eyes at me.

One of Ian's fish.

Lee's fish.

The gang

Bug's mini fish.

Today when Anita and I were at the store getting the last of her
supplies that she needed I was pushing Eli in the cart and a very nice
young man ( late teens?) walked by us and looked me in the eye and
said Happy Mother's Day. It was so nice. Anita and I said His mother
would be SO proud! So to all you mothers..... Happy Mother's day.
Have a wonderful day.

*edit* After I posted this I realized I had not taken one picture of Dru!
For shame! I'm sorry Dru. :(


  1. What a wonderful time you had!!!!! I love little boys :) Isaac you are beautiful~ Uncle Brownie would have you and Yummy at the barber! Auntie loves it. Happy Mother's Day to the Mother of the year~

  2. I had SO much fun learning how to make jam! Thank you SO much for teaching me! And I LOVE the picture of me with Eli on my back...I need a papoose or something (have no idea if I spelled that right). Anyway, thank you so much for letting us come for a visit.