Sunday, May 3, 2009


The answers to the Jam quiz are (from the left) Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry.
It was a very quiet weekend. I just did chores and puttered around my house. Monkey and I were the only ones home most of the time. It rained off and on. Our garden is about 1/2 way planted so the rain was good. My strawberries are blooming like crazy.
Princess turned 2 yesterday. We weren't able to go to Spokane so we will have to just be content to hug her when they come for Elmo live in a few weeks.
That's all in the life of me this weekend. Peace


  1. One out of 4?????? Why are grandchildren allowed to have birthdays!

  2. Hey I got the most right!!! Do I win? Well at least your garden is planted...mine is just a pipe dream...and my strawberries just aren't doing anything...they haven't sprouted anything..kinda sad really. Anyway, glad you had a quiet weekend and I can't believe Princess is 2 already!

  3. Oh do you need my address to send me the jam? Just let me know ;)