Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today my client came home from the store with the biggest box of Jr. Mints I have ever seen. She put it on the counter and said help yourself. I just stared at her. WHY would you do that? I then smiled and said thank you very much. She didn't seem to get it so she picked up the box and thrust it to me and said HERE have some. I took 3 and said Thank you. Then she set it down and walked to the other end of the house. EVERY time I walked by that beautiful ugly box it called my name. I finally picked up the box and walked it to her in the office and said I'm a weak weak person and you must take this box. She laughed and said OK. THEN I went back to the kitchen and mopped my way out the other side so she couldn't come in and I couldn't go out her side. She then proceeds to holler from the office You know dark chocolate is good for you! I said HA! If you have willpower it's good for you. I do not. :-) And I'm pretty sure the chocolate doesn't need to come in the form of a Jr. Mint. Later, she came out of the office and had the box with her and said this isn't good. I said freeze them, out of site out of mind. That lovely women looked at me and said Do you know how good frozen Jr. Mints would be??? Uhhhh no I don't. Well she is going to find out. She spread them out on wax paper on a cookie sheet and is freezing them. With any luck at all she will have eaten them all before next week and will not try to make me try any! NOT GOOD.


  1. Oh that's some temptation there! What cracks me up is you went out of your way to mop so SHE couldn't come out of her office, at the very least to slow her down. LOL I LOVE your mind!

  2. mints are callllllllllllllllllling~~~~~~~~