Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch up post

I had a little computer issue again, so just to catch myself up....... Oh and a note to all myself, update your back up. :)
My mother in law is still here. My mom was here but left and took 2 of the boys with her. Skater dude and Monkey. They are all coming back on Friday for a family gathering in Puyallup on Saturday. Auntie you should be here!
It is HOT HOT HOT here. I am not complaining, winter is long, dark, grey and dreary. But it is HOT. The hottest on record for here. Amazing isn't it. Today we were even hotter then New Orleans. We live in a RAIN FORREST! Oh well it won't last and summer is just wonderful!
It has been so hot and our Walker is fluffy fat and has really long thick hair. It made Dh worried so he took him and had him SHAVED! He used to look like a lovely Choc. Golden Retriever, now he's just a lab. Sigh.... I hope he's more comfy but I miss his golden feathers.
Bugs had fun at his Grandpa/Ma's for 3 weeks. Now he's playing with his other Grandma. She doesn't hear them very well but he keeps her entertained. He brought home 2 frogs yesterday and put them in the pool we were sitting around with our feet in. He is such a nature boy. We didn't mind them and then he and daddy took them back to the pond and sent them on their way.

Sunday dinner - Heir Apparent and Grandma

Bugs and his friends

1 Frog in the pool

Bugs and MIL

Shaved Walker


  1. OOOOOOOOO Walker is PENNY!

    I'm so glad your back here, we were going to have to do something radical

  2. He looks so much more comfortable. I was worried about him. His feathers will grow back.
    Glad you are up and going again.