Monday, July 13, 2009


We left very late on Friday to go camping with my parents. There was a mix up in the weekends so T2 and Skater dude couldn't go as they has other plans for this weekend. Dh and our Littles and Heir Apparent decided we could go so off we went. We got to Banks lake about Midnight and set up camp. Heir apparent and Dh left to go fishing as soon as the light hit the tent. They were mostly skunked but Heir did catch one trout. Dh got a catfish and bites. He almost is never skunked and this lake has a great reputation so he was kinda bummed, so was Heir apparent. We had such a good time. Our daughter in law ( I have to think of a name for her) called and asked our other granddaughter's mother to come but she was busy so Heather asked for Tinkerbell and so she got to come too. It was a blast. I have over a hundred pictures and Dh has about 50 on his camera. I think the highlights will be plenty. :)

Bugs Grandma Grandpa Tink and Princess and Maggie

Princess Monkey and Tinkerbell in the lake. It was pleasantly refreshing.

Tinkerbell, Heather & baby Joel, and Princess

Papa and his girls!

Our campfire!

Bugs, Tinkerbell, Monkey in the morning.

Daddy pushing his baby boy!

Off to go fishing.


The Baby Edgerton's - Drummer boy's family

The whole group. We had so much fun!


  1. Ok I think you need to frame the picture of husband and Heir apparent...that's hysterical!! Give it to the both of them and I LOVE (another one for you to frame for a gift to husband) is the one of him and his girls! Good pictures Nikki! I'm so glad you got some time with your family!

  2. You did have great fun and I LOVE THE CAMPFIRE!!!!!!

  3. Auntie we did have so much fun. We really enjoyed our fire. Marshmellow's and all. I stole your "baby" family, sorry but I just love it.