Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chihuahuah Festival and Cherries

Yesterday was such a good day. We (Monkey and I) asked Rescue Rita to come and go with us to a Chihuahua Festival. It was so much fun. We saw EVERY size and color of Chi's you would ever imagine. Scout was every bit a lady and didn't fight or have a bad attitude at all.

These fur babies all need homes.

This is Scout getting her nails done. She was so patient, never a cross word or teeth.
They weren't all his.

Scouts pedicure.

Money at Birch Bay. We had a blast! The sun was out and it was warm and just beautiful. I tied a 50' rope to a floating log and Monkey had hours of fun with it.

Rescue Rita's dad is a very kind generous person. He has lots of fruit and lets me pick for my family. I picked a bit over a flat of raspberries and he gave me a huge flat of Rainer cherries and a bucket of pie cherries. Soooooooo

This morning/day I have been pitting cherries. I got 2 pies worth of pie cherries clean/pitted and in the freezer. I've been working on the Rainer ones through out the day. I know they aren't the best for baking but that much fruit that much sugar in a crust and people will eat it. I will make a cobbler with them, there is just to many to eat fresh.

My pitting system. I was going to tell you all about the worms too but my Aunties reaction just says I better not. But I won't be eating any without ripping it in half and taking the pit out by hand to check. :-D


  1. Oh ISH on the worms, I can only imagine what your fingers must look like! I love the picture of Monkey!!

  2. Looks like Cha Cha's heaven :) That would have been so much fun. TS would have had attitude! Tell us how you pit the cherries!