Thursday, July 2, 2009

Build a Bear

Monkey and I had a date for Build A Bear. We took Rita and Bugs with us. It took Monkey a loooooong time to pick which body he wanted. First it was a horse, then it was the 4th of July bear ( that was my pick since as a country we all celebrate his birthday) but he finally decided on the Panda.

Getting ready to fill him up.

Stuffing and stuffing him.

Picking just the right heart for him.

Warming his heart and making his wish.

All dressed! His name is Po

Rita took us to lunch and Po LOVED it.


Monkey and the train. He LOVES trains. They are all named Thomas.
Rita and Bugs. Our partners in crime fun.
When I came home I found out Dh had fixed my window box. It's beautiful!


  1. OH I LOVE THE PANDA!!!!!!!!! It's so hard to pick:)
    Thank you for the Flower boxes ~

  2. With so many choices I'm not sure I could have decided!