Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dog sitting

We are puppy sitting. Her name is Pritzie. She is in Scout's hideyhouse. That is not good. Scout is a good sport though. If Scout is in my lap Pritzie can lay in her house. Bolt and Scout wrestle every day all day. Pritzie would like to play with them but she isn't sure how. They are nice to her though. They get along just fine. She HATE'S Walker though. She screams when he sniffs her. There is GINORMOUS dog at her house so I know it's not his size. She's just a chicken.

Today was a great hummingbird day! Not picture wise but I saw them often! It is very stormy here so every time the wind died down they were at the feeder. It was really cool.
I just love this picture. I like that you can't see all of her but you can in the refection in the feeder.


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