Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picture if you will....

When I am cleaning house I move with a purpose. Not racing but certainly not poking along but with purpose! So I grab the vacuum ( A HEAVY ONE) and as I am spinning it around to be able to push it easily (in the other hand is a spray bottle and a hardwood floor mop) I take a step and I am spinning the vacuum I trip over my own foot and the vacuum. Do you remember the Million Dollar man music when he was doing a huge something and he moved in slow motion? That was the sound I could hear in my head as I went. There was a teenager in a chair watching me and as I went down HARD on part of the vacuum and my hands and knees. I put my forehead on the ground and started to laugh. It was either that or cry. I looked up at M and she said "that happened in slow motion"! I said it was in slow motion to me too! I should be nice and stiff tomorrow. My shoulder and neck are tight tonight. I made sure to go to Curves tonight so it should help keep things loose. I made my 600Th workout tonight. I can only imagine how I would look if I didn't go to Curves. If nothing else it helps keep me where I am at and keeps me moving. I love the women there.
Not a great hummingbird day. Not because they weren't there but because I couldn't get a good picture.
Can you see her hiding?
She was so pretty but it's blurry
Still blurry but I just couldn't delete it.


  1. Ouch Nikki. Hope your are OK tomorrow for Charlotte. Your hummingbird photos are so nice. All we have is starlings and robins. Maybe when some flowers bloom. Still nothing here for I saw a forsythia in town. That is ALL

  2. Whawahwahwhahwahwawhawhaha! There's your theme music!!!! Take half a percoset and call me in the morning! Doctors orders!

  3. Hope you are not sore this morning. Found a lovely hummingbird link I thought you would like